White out, or white satin

Well, it's only logical.
After the frenzy that was the Black Satin nail polish, Chanel's Creative Director for Makeup, Peter Philips introduces the "white satin" flaunted by all its models yesterday evening at the Paris-Londres Maison d'Art collection fashion show, London. So while, it reminds me of painfully trying—but never succeeding—to get a smooth glossy look out of "white out" cum clear nail hardener, I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival on shelves in January!! It's the Chanel fever, because I'm very certain Nars has white nail polish...
Quite right.
I just checked Sephora and indeed Nars does have two white hues: Temptation (opalescent white) and Edelweiss (sheer white); but, alas!! It's not Chanel. And when this fad reaches fever pitch early next year, perhaps—and sadly so—no one will recognize that Nars was ahead of its time. According to Vogue UK, Peter Philips admits to be inspired by "a mixture of the swinging Sixties and 'today's punk culture.'" The latter of which is slowly infiltrating my style persona. We'll see.

Cheeky kisses.


Jillian said...

very nice :)