giving to me :)

Indeed, while Christmastime marks the season for giving and sharing, we may find ourselves selfishly ogling some of the seemingly most beautiful and unique items—or, is that just me?? It seems around this time each year, the prettiest extravagances and objet d'arts emerge invitingly from their hiding places; and the mere gorgeousness of them all begs buying. But, of course, you couldn't possibly buy these items for, say, ten of your closest friends; as much as you'd love to. Well maybe you could. I shouldn't assume that just because I can't, you can't either. Anyway, as I come across some of these pretty little things, I mentally file them in my ever expanding wishlist for myself—and for backup, under my shopping bookmarks—hoping to come back to them mid-February. At this time, without the Christmas-induced hallucinogens that permeate the air (causing an almost indiscriminate and irrational spending) I can pick out a few items to splurge on. I've gathered some decadent gift ideas from my fave online circulars. Perhaps, we can all allow ourselves one or five nonessential, but, very amazing pieces nonetheless, in the coming months:
Style, Elle, Glamour, Luckymag, NYmag

Sugar-splenda kisses.

p.s. NYmag has a section of gifts dedicated to the "chic wife." I'm gushing!! I just don't know how they knew my trophy-wife aspirations.