Darling, I love you (because I love me)!!

First, let me say, this 3-day consecutive posting is possibly a rare occurrence!!
I'm in love!! I'm not so sure with whom or what exactly, but I'm in love!! I woke up this morning with another migraine - 'twas the imminent, now ongoing snowstorm!! Eek!! But, I had a pained glow of excitement when I awoke. I do have a late shift volunteering at the hospital, though. I wonder if I'll make it. Bigger Eeeek!!

I think I'm just very happy with myself at the moment; deep in love with me. What's not to love?? *coquettish giggle* See, I'm even flirting with myself!! Ha!! Anyway, as usual, my parents have called - to wish my sisters and me "a happy valentine's day." I could hear the composed excitement in mommy's voice, she's just been to dinner with dad. LOL.

I wanted to spend a bit of time listening to some of my fave men; Louis, Frank and Otis. Once, my head stops throbbing so much, I will. :) Then, I'll say to a couple of people, "Darling, I love you (because...)." LOL.


p.s. I'd also like to mention beneficence on this lovely day. Everyone needs abit of help at some point. Isn't that what love is all about??!!
p.p.s. In order to love another person, you've got to love yourself first!! Ha!! That's for people who are thinking I'm loving me way too much. Imagine how much I'd be able to love you!! *wink*
p.p.p.s. The principal tenet of Christianity: LOVE... I need grace for this one because there are times when I just cannot love a person and what's sad, sometimes, it's for no apparent reason!!


Banke said...

We can comment now? I love you too darling!!