pretty trenches, prehistoric barettes and skirting the issues: japan fashion week S/S 2009

Given that I subscribe to the techie, avant-garde stereotype (sorry!) of our anime-famed pioneers, I think I was a bit underwhelmed by Japan fashion week; well, at first. As I pondered the seeming odd disparity ― that I, no doubt, was conjuring up and making a big deal of ― between the Japanese fashion industry and well, every other industry in this very driven economy, I tucked into some of my delish shortbreads. I'd been positively gagging for them. Off putting choice of words, haha!

The crumbly goodness intoxicating my system, I began to appreciate some of the forms I was seeing on the runways. The trench has never exuded such casual chic (L: Support Surface, C: Lep Luss); the graffiti coat (R: Gut's Dynamite Cabarets), a refined rocker edge.

I need our capitalistic Westerners to refashion (read: steal and copy) these miniature ― but really, dramatically large ― dino barettes (Mintdesigns). (Then the Chinese markets can go to work replicating...)
I'm obviously asking for it, with all these darned stereotypical talk, no??

And I couldn't resist the prettiness of Hiroko Koshino's skillfully constructed skirts.

There are even more treats, come to think of it. Do like me and take a peek, then proceed to google your life away the designers and any shoppes that may carry or not! their pieces!!

Butterfly kisses.
Here comes NY fashion wk!! *big grin*


Anonymous said...

i love the trenches. they're different.

veve said...

J'adore! It's a whole new take on trenches... I would love to own the first one!

kiki said...

I love it all! I love that you find the most beautiful things to write on. Keep up the good work!

Japan Fashion said...

ha ha I think second one is total different collection