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I've disappointed you ― being away so long ― I know.
Well, getting on with it... (haha!)
Going through my unpublished archives, Stéphane Rolland's Fall/Winter couture collection set my heart aflutter all over again. It's the grand spectacle of it all; exaggerated trains trailing ― cascading ― in the wake of my sashaying hips. Yes, I've imagined myself in a few all of Rolland's dresses.

It was love at first sight with practically every piece, really. A number of critics decried, the proverbial gilded lily ― secretly, I wondered, "What's couture if not grandeur?!" It was a delightful prettiness ― Rolland's show; models dispatched with an edgy chic I find oh so alluring. Especially refreshing as one thinks of typical couture garb and maquillage, which, let's face it, celebrates an uglfied magnificence; strutting misfortunes ― the result of a cranky time-machine or designer. Oops. Ahh... I get it, 'twas too pretty for couture!! *tsk tsk*

Just as impressive, I think, are Rolland's sensibilities. You notice the merest hint of his earliest influences ― Balenciaga, and yet his designs are distinctively his. A decade ago, at the age of thirty, Rolland became the youngest couturier on l'avenue Montaigne. His clothes ― he ― makes me swoon. (He does look like a shaggier Olivier Lalanne.)

Kiss me.
Loads of fashionable love.
I need a nap. I haven't slept in twenty-four hours. Don't ask. (Partly to blame: insomnia.)

* One of my wedding dresses perhaps: Since I will be wearing four dresses on that day, whenever it will be. LOL. I'd love the skirt below my boobies though, an empire waist perhaps ― without making me look pregnant. I looove my boobies, we know this, so they can't be hidden. HA!! It could totally be the dress in which I dance the father-daughter dance. Yay!! I've also being thinking about a bodice and underskirt in Nigerian/African prints. Hot or what?!
** Ignore the lack of boobies. haha. I'd rather sport the dress with more covering from the upper waist. I don't like exposing my belly bottom for some unknown reason. It could be that I'm too old to do so. *giggles*


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