in-circle perks 2: HauteLook. Gilt Groupe 2.

Yesterday, a reader so thoughtfully pointed out the HauteLook.com webbie, which also offers savvy online shoppers access to tons of sales much in the same manner as Koodos and Gilt (without the need for special invitation).

Shamefully (again), I'd neglected this site for no valid reason other than my own silly forgetfulness. I've also been registered at HauteLook since Dec; and occasionally when whoever-must-be-the-lovely 'brit@hautelook.com' sends her email reminders for the designer sale of the day at 8 each morning, I click through to muse over the prettiness of it all. I'ven't bought anything on the website yet, but like the other two ports, it's just absolutely divine to have such options!!

In other lovely news, Rachel Wolkowitz over at Gilt roupe has graciously permitted me to offer my readers/subscribers invitations to the Groupe. So I've decided the first hundred people who so request, get it!!

Prepare to enjoy a spend-worthy year.

Chocolate frosted kisses.


Anonymous said...

cool, i'll check it out.

Specialist said...

hey have you invited one hundred people yet?..cos id like one..i hope its a good site.....