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(I spoke too soon. I can't think any comforting thoughts about the nor'easter pounding away outside my window.)

Long gone are the days when the heel on a shoe was merely a means of extending the height of the wearer; and inflicting mind-numbing pain, natch, in the process. Rather, this portion of the shoe has become an extraordinary medium for many designers to further demonstrate their ingenuities and eccentricities. I tumbled (feet first) in love with the heel on this Prada exclusive (pictured left) for Neiman's centennial, last August. The slightly-projected and subtle shapely (steel) heel that seems to caress the lower ball of the foot was just novel enough; elegant, a bewitching twist to a timeless style that I love (while doubling as a WMD of course.)

Certainly, celebrated shoe-maker, Brian Atwood, deigned it fitting to recast the heel in his "Mila" (pictured right) and "Kendra" Fall collection shoes.
A certain fashionable friend of mine bears one of the names of these shoes and wears the other!! :)
How haute is that??!!

Even more so, for the cruise and S/S collections, many (European) designers reinvented, completely, the modern heel. From the metal strass embedded in the thick heels seen on the Proenza Schouler runway, to completely deconstructed heels by Marc Jacobs; the fairy, Venetian-inspired teacup-shaped heels (a bit grotesque, to be honest) from Prada to the star-spangled YSL sandals (I love!!); and the crystal-encrusted or mirrored steel heels from Christian Dior, you're bound to re-establish a kindred spirit with your new designer BFF and gain entry into the well-heeled elite of society.

A bit of a downer will certainly come in the form of price, but what can we do?? *Groan* By the time the cost of the heel itself and "European" quality—did I mention most of the pieces were designs from Europe's fashion houses—are factored into price of the shoe... uhhh, yeah.

That not withstanding, I certainly advocate finding yourself a new pair of beautiful heels!!
Fendi (a personal fave), Emilio Pucci, YSL

Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Dior

More classic designs: Louis Vuitton (simple chic!!), Viktor & Rolf and one word: Dior!!

In stores: I tend to go with more classic designs when it comes to my shoes and I'm eyeing the two Prada beauties below, favoring the all-black pair more :). Amendment: Okay, I'm enthralled with the Dior slingback!! No lie!! Top left: Dior; the rest: Prada.

Beautiful butterfly kisses and snuggles.


mia said...

I just love all the shoes in this post, i wish I could buy them all!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the prices on these shoes.

styleandsubstance said...

Gorgeous bouquet of shoes (and a chic title post, if I must say so myself) ~~"

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