'Tis the season: wedding season, that is...

Let me preface this chicly important post by emphasizing the difference between a wedding and a marriage1: a wedding celebrates the official declaration of a couple's union - i.e. the beginning of their union, while a marriage itself is the ensuing contracted union that's supposed to last a lifetime. So, you see, it's the marriage that's the important part!! Really!! [affectionate sarcasm] This means we ought to think very diligently before we undertake this whole business of getting married; and when we do make the decision to proceed, we ardently - at least I will - plunge head first into chi chi decadence!! *poised, blowing you air-kisses*

So, wedding season is upon us; and this post is terribly late, at least a month so. I apologize.2 I've been busy bipolar-izing, reading, strutting my stuff and lazing. Haha.

Wedding guests should deem it their utmost responsibility to attend weddings beautifully clad. For me, the joy of dressing for a wedding almost matches the joy of the impending declaration of love that would soon blossom in the presence of God and all. (I said almost; I'm throughly delighted by prettiness, but of course, not quite like I appreciate love, there's an exalted respect reserved just for luuurrve, so there, I'm not so shallow. Ha!!) The aforementioned pleasure of primping for a wedding (as a guest) is something akin to the hysteria I feel at random times during Christmas season3: a warm, giddy, yet, reverential feeling of joy that numbs my usually averse response to my own hoarse voice and permits me to bleat out hymns and noëls whenever I please!! Ahhhh....

And expectedly, dressing for a wedding can be utterly demanding. I think the key word to keep in mind is 'appropriate.' Natch, I expect that when we (ladies) decide to attend a wedding, we're looking for classically chic ensembles to complement the beautiful atmosphere that will be the wedding; as well as the beautiful bride.4 Whatever the type of wedding - according to an article by Laura Coons in the AC, there are nine different types!! - it is absolutely necessary to dress appropriately. This generally means knee-length or tea-length dresses or gowns. Even the most informal of weddings will require some measure of demureness when it comes to the actual garb adorned. However, a more demure dress than you'd normally don, doesn't mean boring. Puhlease... And it certainly doesn't imply un-chic or un-glamourous. I mean you know a gorgeous dress when you see one. And, befittingly stunning accessories will glam up to an otherwise low-keyed dress. Bold single-statement baubles or delicate jewelry - it's your choice, a pair of to-die-for heels; just about anything will work when paired suitably!!

When it comes down to it, the wedding celebrants determine the wedding atmosphere through their choices of the event location, time and formality. These components serve as crucial clues to help every lady pick out a befitting outfit.
~ Outdoor/garden/beach weddings require bright/pastel summer hues, and patterns/prints are simply perfect!!! Feminine, and playful ensembles, coordinated linen separates will work just as beautifully. This is the only type of wedding where a pair of flat sandals would be acceptable; although, when I do say flat sandal - I mean glamourously delicate yet ornate metallic sandals!! And when I say the only type of wedding... I mean a "beach" wedding. Every other wedding, think heels.5 :) It's just more apt.
~ For evening weddings, gem-hued cocktail dresses or gowns in bold styles will suffice just beautifully, and here, the ever-glam little black dress is just as appropriate; only remember your LBD shouldn't be too "little" length-wise. Haha. Adorn with even more gleaming jewels that will catch the evening lights and sparkle alluringly. Evening weddings will require that extra sparkle and glamour. It'll be expected of you!! Seriously!!
~ And with classic weddings, I think of quintessential feminine dresses in bright summer colors; shift/mod dresses/blazers and creamy jacquard skirt-suits are also appropriate. And hats!! Oh yes - hats, especially intricately decorated straw/velvet hats, are just exquisite for weddings. They make a pretty fashion statement, talk about swanky!!

And today, you got a teeny insight into my splendidly decadent take on weddings. Please try not to let your goody-two-ness-it's-the-wedding-that-counts-conscience get in the way of imagining how awfully indulgent my wedding will be, and we'll remain friends.

1. Lest, all two of you my oh-so-dedicated readers think that I'm some super-shallow missy. Ok, I might be - very slightly though, but I do know what counts. And when it comes to any wedding day, only über-decadence counts. hahaha.
2. I now have 30-something posts drafts but I procrastinate because I don't want to photoshop pics!! I'm really hoping that someone deigns it upon him/herself to provide an online service for adding photos unto posts. I pick the photos, email them to you and you photshop them (artistically is a plus) and send them back to me.
3. anticipatory feelings at the end of Oct - Neiman's Book arrives in mail and it's christmas season all through to Feb.
4. I mean if I were a bride, I'd expect everyone to come dressed prettily (it would be a very pretty affair indeed.)
5. If you know anything about me, you know I do flats like Naomi whacks her ever-changing staff, which means whenever possible - all the time!! So it's pretty serious that I'd make heels mandatory here.

Sugarplum kisses.

A little more about my wedding (no, I don't have a man; so, yes laugh all you want):
Needless to say, I've been planning my wedding dresses for a while now... close to two years I'd say. I haven't found the perfect dress yet, but I know I will. And to further indulge myself, I've made it clear that I hope to be engaged for at least a year, two years would be just perfect. The time frame is extremely important because it'll allow me to strategically plan what I've termed 'pre-wedding galas,' of which there will be two and which will permit me to wear two wedding-like dresses before I actually walk down the aisle. Perhaps, the galas will include a charity component, we'll get to that part when i get to it. Isn't that the best idea ever?? I think so...
~ To the right is something I'd love for one of my pre-wedding gala dresses, it won't be falling off me like that...


Mia said...

I lovee this post. You are too much girl!

Lauren said...

Thank you for brightening up my Monday morning, this is such a well-written post, and hilarious too!

Anonymous said...

You will accept a non-diamond ring? I applaud you because I don't think I will even ever think that!!!!!!

chic simplicity said...

oh thanks alot ladies for your comments, i'm terribly sorry for replying so late, but i love your encouraging words. muah,