Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Collection: Just because...

You can not start a sentence with because because because is a conjunction.1

~ Because I awoke this morning further catapulted into a choc-inducing2 kind of ardent love with the city of NY; a cannonade of dopamine surging through my nervous system.
~ Because I lay easily willing myself not to move a muscle, relishing in my bliss, and suddenly an hour had passed.
~ Because I could only think pretty - images of the distinctive four-leaf clover of the Alhambra collection pieces of Van Cleef & Arpels formed a moving picture in my head. *Inane smile still formed on my lips*

Perhaps, it's just the four-leaf clover emblem, or maybe, the fact this collection is the latest, easily recognised collection from the VCA House, and so the collection of which I am most cognizant.3 Whatever it is, I am totally thankful for it. Exquisite in its simplicity, the collection evokes a delicious feeling of poised contentment, quite different, yet, parallel to the reverence evoked by the intricate flections of, say, the Mystery collection or the rings-bewtween-the-fingers. Joyous extascy!! Indeed, it'd be flippant to try comparing the Alhambra with the other collections in a single post. I'm awed by the strength and yet, resilience of all of the pieces in those other collections, cut into the most pleasing geometric forms - trust me, I'd recently spent an hour at its Fifth Ave boutique, and I've just spent three hours in appreciative awe of the jewels on the website. (Absolutely rewarding use of my time - a gyrl can dream, can't she??)

However, it's the Alhambra collection that continually captivates me. Each piece of jewelry presents a reassuring sensuality - a refined chic and elegance; befitting as an everyday-wear piece. And that's exactly why I love it. In my mid twenties, I'm not yet delirious for diamonds, I leave that to the forty-year olds. No offense. I've fallen in love with many-a-diamond pieces; although, now, I'm constantly reminded of Djimon Houson's impassioned role in the story of Blood Diamonds to the point where I'm almost certain I wouldn't mind not getting a diamond solitaire as an engagement ring (when the time comes. Haha.) Yes, you read that correctly - I wouldn't mind. If I could get a less controversial stone, very ornate, of course, I'd still love it very much!!

So, it's these pieces with a simple refinement and chic that drive me to insane propensities, causing me to go gaga and clap in forcibly hushed, yet, joyful applause; and presently, the Alhambra collection is at the pinnacle of this thrilling endeavor. Superior chichi chic, in my opinion.

And the watches, VCA "jewels that tell time," exude an elegance, that I've yet to match in few other timepieces. In all seriousness, are they actual timepieces or really expensive bracelets?? Par example:

I'd certainly like to know. I don't think I'd ever feel rushed looking into these faces of these dazzling watches. Perhaps, I'd lose all sense of time, not even able to read it correctly. To round off my imaginary Alhambra collection: "I'll have this black one, please," I'm saying to my spectre of a salesperson.

Double kisses on each cheek.

1. I'm about to break this grammatical rule. Shameful.
2. Not that I like chocolate.
3. The multicolored collection heralded in 1974 and reinvented in 2001.