The grandeur of the Costume Institute Gala

A splendid affair of pomp; the annual Met Costume Institute Gala took place last Monday. It honored revolutionary couturier and self-proclaimed 'King of Fashion' Paul Poiret, and natch, it would've been enthralling to reincarnate and/or interpret many a Poiret conception. But, really, I'm not for people leaving their homes looking frightfully antiquated and unfashionable for the sake of an icon or costume, especially if these people are 'celebs' who have personal stylists, beauticians, coiffeurs etc. Since I refuse to acknowledge badly-dressed people - though it makes for more delightfully disparaging repartees - here are my fav dresses of the night!! I did have quite a few...


Pics from style.com

Be back to label the pics later, hopefully.
Perhaps, perhaps not.

Decadent kisses.