All that glitters... [II]: La Prairie - Radiance Collection

In this second part of "All that glitters..." we take a look at La Prairie: Radiance Collection. Once again, liquid gold extract is purported to reverse the aging process resulting in younger-looking radiant skin. The products in this line use quartz liquid crystals and reflective pigments, as well as La Prairie’s Cellular Complex, to "super-charge [the] skin’s ability to de-age." I didn't know 'de-age' could be an actual word. Hmm... sounds pretentiously posh...

The Radiance Collection comprises three products: Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold ($525, 1.0oz.), Cellular Radiance Cream ($525, 1.7 oz.) and Cellular Radiance Eye Cream ($265, 0.5 oz.) Thus, the entire collection is $1375.
No comment.
Seriously, what can I say??



There are plentiful collections of absurdly-priced products. If there weren't so-priced, they wouldn't be decadently luxe and we wouldn't be clamouring wildly to purchase them. Hilariously pathetic!!

So moving on... natch, I'm totally attracted to the Pure Gold Concentrate. Its golden appearance is so enticing. And, I don't doubt that it feels decadently rich and satiny as it melts into the skin. It's a revolutionary micro-emulsion serum that captures the glow of pure 24k gold!! Heavenly!! Cue: cherubs singing the Alleluia chorus. I mean, I just can't help but fall in love. Oh, why am I so easily attracted to shiny-shiny??!! This gold concentrate is said to help firm skin, promote radiance and clarity, and of course, de-age skin so it is younger-looking. I, do not fit in this category that requires anti-aging products yet :), so I'm totally by-passing these products!! Well, except I get some samples :). Available at the usual: Saks, Neiman's & Bergdorf's.

Actually, I may have received a sample of the eye cream early this year, I think; I'm not sure what happened to it. Boo!!

p.s. There's another brand of beauty products, Julisis, a Deutsch company, that incorporates gold, silver and diamond?? essences in its products; customers regularly buy the entire line ($2,400). Again, I'm speechless, I've just decided to accept it all... but, take a peak... JULISIS.

Sinfully divine kisses.