Chic obsession: Dior Sport/Sun Mask

This is my latest it-accessory. Isn't it beyond chic??!! I am, however, slightly worried that I may not be able to pull it off... I have visions of it just slipping off my face, if it actually doesn't mask my entire face!! Okay, it will cover up my whole face. But what could be better, though?? Perfect protection from those harmful UV rays. But seriously, I love it and I want it!! Like yesterday.

Air kisses - only.
(I wouldn't want to knock you down with my supreme, ultraviolet defensive face-shield) I wonder if it can measure the specific amplitudes of the waves given off or something to that effect. It looks like it should be able to.

p.s. Remember the not-too-long controversy about the Lancome pink lipcolor (Proenza Pink), akin to what the model has on... yeah my exceptionally crazy behind would totally rock it. Totally mod... I'd be the black gyrl you'd look twice at; whether out of concern for my delirious penchant to go out in public wearing that color or because I'd seriously work it ;).


stefan.velev@yahoo.com said...

do you have any idea from where i can buy these amazing sunglasses? i'm desperate i need it.

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