The Sale Conspiracy

My beloved Saks and Neiman's always propose their sales simultaneously. Yesterday, Neiman's commenced it's First Call Sale. Slightly off, because I'm pretty sure sales are put forth on Tuesdays. Anyway, not much peaked my interest, or maybe I'm just super broke. Haha. Then, today Saks - whose website is "temporarily unavailable" at the moment, all those people scrambling for sale pieces - proffered an "Exclusive Designers' Day Off - One Day Only" sale and even before I got the gratuitous email from Neiman's, I found out they were having what they've termed a "Private Shopping Night - Today only," which lists items by style names or designers!! (I'll bet you the Saks sale is an intro sale that'll be extended tomorrow!!) There are a couple of things I'd love from Neiman's, it's a great sale; but the notion that both stores do it at the same time is hilarious!! It's the first sale of its kind for each store - the designers' bit of the pitch; it couldn't be just a coincidence. Too humorous!!

Either way, could they please...
1. stop patronizing me with these exclusive catch phrases
2. offer the sales a week or two within each other (I know there'd be a fight for who puts out a sale first, each store wanting people to spend all their money with them first - but they could toss a coin or something!!)
3. Actually make the sale worth my while by slashing prices up to 50%, 60%, 70%...

Decadent kisses.