A toast to luxe decadence: Alice Temperley's tote for Moët; Piper-Heidsieck Piscine in the U.S.

I can't pretend that I haven't shamefully neglected my writing.
I apologize.
[Semi-readings punctuated by bouts of online text-twists (or, the other way round) and outings are to blame.]

But, without much to-do, let's toast to my recrudescence; of course, my delusions of grandeur never fail:
To Luxurious Decadence1

And 'tis perfect timing for a toast: a third of summer's gone by - the heat sting scarcely survived, albeit for drenching my insides with iced liquids every two seconds. This could explain the cold I have now, even though I'm hot all over. Haha. My dad's just been to see his gyrls - my younger sisters and I - this past week (from Nigeria) in his early summer visit and of course, we've got new fragrances to mark his visit: Délices de Cartier, Kenzo Amour, etc... all yummily intoxicating. Daddy has this manner that rekindles a love and giddiness in his daughters, even when we've been bossing each other every minute that passes and at it forever!! He simply makes us melt.

And, so from our shared rejuvenated joy, rippling into our love for fashion, we celebrate with flutes of Moët bubbly, natch, delightedly at the news that Alice Temperley has designed an elegant canvas tote replete with a detachable Champagne holder for the House of Moët & Chandon!! Apparently it was inspired by the 19th century luxury trunks designed by Louis Vuitton according to Lisa Barnett at Vogue.co.uk. This tote follows her Art Deco-inspired tiara headband for Moët's "Be Fabulous" campaign the previous Fall season (looove them, and adorned by many-a-chicettes during the Fall Shows in New York last February.) Well isn't Ms. Temperley is getting deliciously cozy with the enormous luxury LVMH Group??2

The totes - I'd be surprised if they all haven't been pre-ordered already since there are apparently just a paltry 50 available in U.S. stores - are available Sept 1, each $1600 (£950).
So, sadly, in no uncertain terms, I can say I'll definitely not be sporting this rock-glam, yet distinguished tote; least of all because come Sept 1st, I'll have very little liquid cash - I really am trying so save, even though my 'to-buy' list grows by the minute!! So except Prince William decides on a day at Hyde Park Kensington Gardens and sends it as a gift (because he has fallen for my beautiful smile...)3

Anyway, I found the tiaras (in ivory, black, gold and green) available at Crush Wine & Spirits Co. NY. $250 each.

And speaking of bubbly decadence, designer Shoshanna Gruss showed the swimsuit looks from her resort collection across the gardens at 620 5th Ave, as part of a soirée hosted by Piper-Heidsieck Champagne to celebrate the launch of Piscine in the U.S. The revered Champagne House founded in 1785, with one of its wines dedicated to Queen Marie-Antoinette and presented to Her Majesty by Piper himself, is the official wine of the Cannes Film. This year at the Festival, the Piscine - French for swimming pool, was introduced. In an updated decadent approach, Cuvée Brut is poured over the champagne's made ice cubes and served in a tall, slightly-oversized, red "Piper" glass (not flute)!! I say, add strawberries into the cubes for even more decadence!!

And dare I say avant-garde?!! Considering, champagne flutes were especially designed to preserve the bubbles longer and flowing to the crown as well as concentrate the aroma, the "Piper" glasses resemble a cross between martini and burgundy glasses; pretty to behold!!

Decadent kisses.

1. By Decadence, I infer more the literary movement, especially of late 19th-century France and England characterized by refined aestheticism, artifice, and the quest for new sensations; rather than the ugly vulgarity of deprecation and decay that the word usually denotes. I'm all for delicious self-indulgence, without the deprecating part!!
2. For, everyday consumers like You and I, investing in the luxe house makes beautiful sense when one considers how many of its brands one enjoys. What's the mantra... invest in what you love and consume?!!
3. Speaking of which, did you see the princes on Matt Lauer's interview?? *pleased as punch, I was, still am.*


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