Touring London: Radcliffe Demin

London fash is classic and yet, markedly innovative and avant-garde. The city's boroughs, very much distinct mini-cities with their own intrinsic styles, come together to make London one of my fave places. Even more fascinating is the grace and fluidity with which the different vogues merge: think Bond Street fashion punctuated with a Camden flair, an Asprey jacket with high street cut-off denim knee shorts. Too chic!!

Celebrating London, Suzy Radcliffe's denim collection responds to the city and the women in it. It's a functional label cultivated with the bespoke tailoring standards of venerable Saville Row. The pants in the collection are named for the city's post codes, alluding to facets of the style in each named code. The concept is simply nostalgic!! But that's not just it!! The amazing bit is the pants - really, they're more formal-looking denim trousers, chichi chic!! - are made with slits at the bottom hem that come with removable cufflinks allowing the hem to be worn at regular length or folded to cropped or ankle-length. There's a patent pending for this fab twist - "heels2flats." You can fold (and press, you'd want a nice seamed sharpnees, not just a rough fold) the pant hems (in-or outwards) and secure through the buttonholes with a pair of cufflinks for each leg. If you're short like I am, ankle length is really just the right length, and you can get away without having to go to the tailor to get your pants hemmed immediately you buy them. Of course, you'd have to go to the tailor eventually; you want them to fit perfectly, don't you?? And while, I adore my tailor, I always have alterations that needed to be done yesterday that I feel bad sometimes.

Did I mention, these are jean trousers??!! Ok, I did. But, I'm talking super refined and work-suitable. Really!! I'm head over heels in love with them!! Perhaps, I'm going on like I'm being paid to promote Radcliffe denim, but I'm not. Hahaha. But, jeans just doesn't get any sexier than Radcliffe!! So snazzy, you wouldn't believe they're just jeans. I don't even think of them as just jeans!!
Ok. The end.

I love love the W1 (upbeat heart of London - Soho, Picadilly etc) and NW1 (fashionable Primrose Hill, home to Kate Moss and Sienna Miller) pants. I'm waiting for a pair toasting the swanky women of SW1!!

The website offers store (physical and online) locations, so let's tour London together!!

Sweet, scrummy kisses.