Life is a cabaret... ♯♭ [Fall 2007 CTR]

...and we're going to play dress-up.
Now most of us don't think about buying couture gowns each season, but what the heck??!!
Let's pretend:
~ eating two lbs of french fries and five lbs of champagne truffles won't make you sick or fat
~ you're sunning on the balcony—ok, solarium (that just sounds pretentious!! But, we're pretending aren't we??)—of your Eaton Square flat
~ and, I'm getting my coveted Leviev cushion-cut diamond... (A gyrl can dream, can't she??)

Now that we're well immersed in our charming fantasy world, we can see why it'd be absolutely imperative to invest in some couture finery for the coming months. I mean, if an invitation to the benefit for the Ridiculously Insane Predisposed to Skylarking (RIPS) popped up, whatever would you do??!! Ok seriously, a chic gyrl could happen to need one or four chichi pieces—and I'd love to raid said gyrl's wardrobe, so perhaps I could influence that wardrobe as I tote up my fav pieces from the Fall 2007 CTR shows that took place last month.

Eight designers put forth impressive shows with some absolutely divine pieces for the fall season. And while, couture usually implies a celebration of collections that incorporate insightful nuances from designers' baroque influences—read costumes of swathing tulle and severe markeup; I'm all for absolute chic and wearability. I'm in constantly awe of many-a-designer's sartorial interpretations, but one simply cannot leave one's house in this!! ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ➛ ➛

Ergo, some my top pieces came from Armani Privé, Chanel and Elie Saab. In a (very long) sentence each:
~ Armani's knowledge of the female form remains exquisite, although I'm still quite baffled by the mutated eggplant encasing the lower portion of the body that showed up in three or four ensembles.
~ Chanel's side effect: intricate detailing on the sides of the garments—followed through—even to the hair accessories, and giving an almost planar perspective to the body, a flattened front-back sort of affair; an insightful perspective.
~ Elie Saab's collection may be hackeneyed and repetitive (by couture standards), but I'll bet every well-heeled, Judith Leiber minaudiere-toting fashionista will be clamoring for his simply GORG dresses!!

Aside: No, Dior's collection—flamboyant Pre-Raphaelites do not fly in the 21st century—did not do it for me!! *Gasp* However, Galliano remains my one of muses and I'll always love him.

Well, let's take charge of your couture wardrobe, shall we??

Super fancy Fall wedding (okay, I'm still head over heels for weddings, so what??)
[little aside: rip off bottom two layers of Valentino gown: dress #2 *bigger GASP*]

Glam Work Party; you're totally getting a promotion!!

Big (Tuesday) night on the town—you know frolicking's best done during the week; the weekend is for family and brunch to recoup!!

Haute Dinner Party. Menu: lettuce square and lots of rosé. J/K!!

Semi-authentic Benefit Gala (something like the Benefit for Trans-Gendered Poodles of America, haha, forgive my sense of humor)

Elaborate Costume party/Halloween (ok, I just love the Christian Lacroix dress on the left and I'm almost certain I've a good case on why I'd wear it in real life!!)

You deserve these. Really. (Get petite sizes, so we can share *big smile*)

Playing "yourself" in the cabaret celebrating your life

Please... It's Elie Saab!!
Delusions of Grrandeurrrr (snooty French accent)

Double sugar kisses.


Erin Nicole said...

I definitely love the Elie Saab dresses! Talk about awards gowns. They are haute!

chic simplicity said...

I agree, they are absolutely gorg!! I think lots of fashion reviewers simply want to preserve their snobbery and demonstrate their 'knowledge' of the craft; so they refuse to acknowledge truly beautiful dresses!!