"To Die For" (Thomas Wylde)

I was busy, pretending to be busy, when my random—but not unexpected—bit of adult ADD/mini-panic attack for glamour forced me unto the Eluxe website (yes, it's on my bookmarks bar for quick access!!). I went directly to handbags, shoes & acc.— then clutches, specifically; I'm obsessed with bags and always looking for something that catches my eye. Most women have shoe addictions and I very much understand that;1 however, it may not compare to my ardent love for handbags. And, I'm very particular. I'm never in a hurry to buy a bag because I love what I have; and I make certain that I buy the chicest, yet, least possible coveted bags2, or an ever-classic Chanel piece or two.

Well, on the Eluxury webbie, I came across this Thomas Wylde clutch—"To Die For (II)." Literally. Really catchy. A smile formed on my lips. Naturally, my inane smiling must have lasted an inordinate amount of time because my little brother came over and peered at my screen to see what I was smiling at. I assume he'd spoken or inquired about my sappy face; but I mustn't have heard heard him because I didn't respond.

"Wow!! A skull!! Can I have?? Is it for gyrls??" the words tumbled out of his mouth.
"Yes, it's for gyrls. But you can have it if you want," I replied. [Yeah right!!]

Of course, he turned away. [He loves his status as the only boy, but he does have three older sisters, so it's tough for him to note all our gyrly things, try as he may to fight it!! Haha!! Plus, he's only nine—the stage where boys and gyrls play separately, (except when he's hassling us, that is).] He did let me know, however, that the bag was "cool," but he'd like a shirt with the skull on it instead. That, certainly, was it!! The bag was cool!! Captivating, really!! I absolutely love the metallic "mercury" color and the textured look of the leather. This clutch has glam punk-rock/modern-goth chic written all over it. And, unsurprisingly, British—some say she's Welsh—model/muse-turned-designer, Paula Thomas, is the brains behind this chic label. A fair amount of editorials report that the label is named for her (Welsh) grandfather, Robert Thomas, and her (Brit) grandma, Catherine Wylde. See fashion week daily. There was such brouhaha following her second collection last year and now I can understand why.

And, while skulls and bones aren't my thing, in the least—or more likely I can't pull it off to save my life—a number of pieces in the collection appeal to me. There's an element of refinement and softness integrated into Ms Thomas's designs (minus the sneakers of course)3 that make her clothes elegant and very adaptable to various styles and personalities. I mean she's got a couple of shapely skull print jersey dresses and silk twillies; and, it doesn't get much more feminine than jersey dresses!! There's also a silk "Performer" dress in which I'm completely in love!!

If you adore the glam rock look, then Thomas Wylde is available at Eluxury, Electric Ladyland, Aloharag, Brownsfashion and Harvey Nichols in-store.

Lollipop kisses.

1. I just got a pair of peep-toe pumps made by Prada especially for Neiman's 100th anniversary. I'm still swooning. I'll have to take a pic!! The heels are AMAZING.
2. I've never understood the idea of clamoring for pieces that other people have.
3. I just can't wear sneakers.

P.S. Aside, please click new trends "Future Proof" at Harvey's. I'm not very trendy, am I?? Haha!!!! I just can't fathom wearing those pants!! I can pick the headliners, but it certainly doesn't mean I'll be wearing all of them.


Victoria said...

oooh i want to see the prada pumps!