It's all in the wrists.

It's a bracelet.
It's a wristlet.
It's a new class of wristlets that double as bracelets; what I've dubbed "brislets"—oooh—and they are cuuute!! I first came across the Roberto Cavalli purses, then I scoured everywhere for some more. I looked EVERYWHERE worth looking online, and hardly found anything. These were the closest I came to them. Okay, so they don't even come close really; but they're very chic in a plainer-sort-of way. Yes??

So right now, Mr Cavalli has a remarkable monopoly on these doubly functional accessories!! Forget thinking about what bracelets you'd love to go with your outfit; just grab your bag!! I must admit I'm not a fan of the snake-shape bracelet, but I'm almost willing to overlook it.1 They're simply beyond adorable!!

Top two rows: Roberto Cavalli
Bottom row (L-R): Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani & Isabelle Fiore.

With one exception, there was a Chloe "Aubrey" Wristlet Hobo, which looked sadly "hideous"—to borrow one of my little brother's fave words—so it's not on here; it is on the Neiman's website, however.

Delectable kisses and cupcakes.

1. Yes, I know the snake is the Cavalli signature, but, why didn't he just pick something like bamboo sticks??!! John Hardy did it!! And, no, I don't have a problem with the McQueen snakey sandals in my preceding post. They don't have the colored eyes for crying out loud, unlike the Cavalli brislets. And of course I don't mind the goddess heels either.


Icy said...

Very interesting idea. I like the the look of these! Like a more practical version of a clutch.

FemmeNoire said...

I love the S&M feel that the bangle clutch invokes. I think Cavalli does that hyper sexy dressing better than Versace.

chic simplicity said...

Yes Icy, they're certainly practical; but I wouldn't give up the clutch totally, impractical or not :)

And I guess they do have abit of an S&M feel to them, femmenoire. As per your second comment, it's quite difficult to compare Versace and Cavalli, they're both very glam and sexy and use colors very well; but I do think Cavalli has a hint of refinement in his collections, while Versace may actually be the "hyper sexy" advocate. Either way, I'd love them both.