Strap 'em on!! (these shoes, that is)

At the moment, it's one of the few details I'm truly able to anticipate for the fall season. While I'm terribly over summer, I'm not ready to contemplate my fall wardrobe yet; looking at knits and sweaters increases my body temperature ten degrees in the prevailing heat!!

As fall fashions came alive on the catwalks last February, a style of shoes caught my eye. They're a more refined version of the platform heel, adorned with more prominent straps, or buckles. It's the adorning thick straps that really got to me. They gave the shoes such character—if that's possible—indeed, transforming them into les objets d'arts exceptionnels!! I'm even gushing in French—excuse my French!! I mean without these straps, I wouldn't even give the shoes a second glance. As I saw more of these shoes, I couldn't help feeling excited. On the feet, they seem to make the women more statesque; bolder and more confident. I mean these are shoes in which you stand up straight; if anything, they'll afford your center of gravity better balance with their broader, but very shapely heels. They're not dainty, skinny heels—which, of course, I love!! Balancing precariously on four/five inch pin-stilts is an art-form at which I excel for all of five minutes, before forcing my admirers to ogle my heelies from my sitting position, legs sideways-crossed!! No, these heels are thicker and inexplicably sexy!! No, I'm not into sadomasochism, but these shoes do have that dominatrix feel to them, exuding in the wearer a force of confidence that's alluring and sexy. Hot!! Haute!!

I'd probably wear a pair with more feminine clothing—delicate laces, wispy chiffons and silks. The stark contrast would be pronounced, yet, complementing; very charming. O course, if you knew anything about me and my shoes, you'd know how particular I am about the look of shoes fit on my feet; skinny heels just look better on my feet and with my legs—however, I just stopped by Saks and Barneys and I tried the Pradas pictured below... Love em!! Being the utterly responsible young woman I've become, I didn't buy them!!
My absolute fave's the A. Dell'Acqua!! Okay, I also loooove the Loubous. The two non-studded ones. And the black Lanvins!! That strip of fuschia-pink on the soles screams haute!!(Pics from style.com)
1st row: Versace, Christian Louboutin for Peter Som, Bottega Veneta, Nina Ricci (ok, I cheated here, she did have some shoes with the thick straps, but this pair was my fave, it's actually the criss-crossed stockings that give the illusion of thick straps!!)
2nd row: Christian Louboutin for Rodarte, Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Michael Kors, Christian Louboutin for Peter Som
P.S. do you know how much I detest labelling?!!

Of course, I couldn't stop myself from searching for more....
L-R: Versace, Lanvin, Prada, Balenciaga, Lanvin (pics from respective designers' webbies)
Let's get some pretty new shoes!!

Pretty kisses.


Mellow Girl said...

I do agree. The straps in a couple of shoes do make or break their eye catching nature. Lovely post. And I love your site :)

chic simplicity said...

Oh thank you very much :)