Love in a little square - Ted Gibson Hairsheets™

In the event that you suddenly develop frizzy, unmanageable hair, which - really - given the humidity of the summer months will be every two minutes; you'd be aptly prepared with these revolutionary, yet simple hairsheets™ by Ted Gibson!! If ever simplicity and functionality (in a beauty product) coalesced; they evolved into these decadent hairsheets. Thinking of all the inconvenient bottles and tubes of products I pack for any weekend, it's a relief to find an infinitely portable product - the sachets pack like a dream - and, one that works mini-miracles too!!

Ted Gibson (he works with business partner and noted colorist Jason Backe) is renowned for his prowess and keen intuition for women's needs, having coiffed famously beautiful women the world over. His products - and did I already mention they're oh so divine - reflect the love and attention to detail that one garners from Gibson's intimate love affair with hair care; as well as his philosophy that "beauty is individual."

His patented hairsheet is a towelette with a serum of "amino acids complex, wild orchid extract and natural plant aromas" which revitalize hair structure and texture without any oily feeling. Mr Gibson's hairsheets come in two formulas: one for styling, and the other for treatment. The styling treatment refreshes dull hair and smoothes flyaways, giving it a "brilliant shine" -so true!! Its sunscreen components also block excessive drying of the hair. Oh, the traumas of the summer sun!! The treatment formula is designed for a more intense reconstruction of dry, damaged hair. All you have to do is rub/polish the hairsheets through the entire hair and style as usual (or in the case of treatment, use overnight.)

I don't think I can stop raving about these little squares!!
Visit: TedGibsonBeauty

They make pretty thoughtful gifts too!! Well, they are pretty pretty too.

Sinfully divine kisses.

P.S. In a perfect world, I'd graciously acquiesce to Ted Gibson being responsible for my hair, Ms. McGrath, my makeup and Preston Bailey, my wedding planning; when I get married in five, six or ... years.
Right after I pick out my wedding beau.