A bit of a tête-à-tête... or ramblings...

I don't like the word 'fashion.' It connotes an impermanence, a mere fad - à la mode; a precariousness with which I find myself uncomfortable being associated more and more. I prefer the term 'style.' I live and breathe style; with style.

My style evolves in step with me. It's a part of me (understatement of the year, really); a huge part. So much so, that I expect that some measure of 'style' is a part of everyone else too.
Haha, who the **** do I think I am??

Okay. So what?? Style is ultimately subjective, but, some semblance of style as seen through my let's pretend discerning eyes, really, just makes the world a much more beautiful place. Or doesn't it??

And yet, I struggle with this superficial quality that seems to permeate through my every manner. I'm aware of the conflicts our globe - indeed, my very own neighbor - faces, the sadness of poverty and illnesses, and the obvious deterioration of our physical living space (although, very sadly, the whole green planet phenomenon does get on my nerves. I hope there are more socially conscious people out there...)1 Even still, I'm torn at the overt portrayal of these crises as primarily African phenomena; but, it (whatever western media affirms currently) is happening, and it is cause for concern.

How do I tumble hopelessly in love with a dress - its cut, its feel - knowing instantly I have to have it, when there is a direr need that should be satisfied.

I have no idea.

Maybe I could wish away the hardships many people face.
Very naive??!!
I apologize. Realistically, is it so impossible?? Perhaps, through greater social responsibility and cooperation, rather than excessive competition (my repressed shards of socialism surface). I've been reading Jeffrey Sachs's new book, "The End of Poverty: Economic Possiblities for Our Time" at the same time as Eve Pollard's, "Jack's Widow." Well, not simultaneously; you know what I mean. I pick up a book depending on my mood. But you see, my struggles are externalized even in my reading habits. Ok, it could also be my undiagnosed ADD. Oops, adult ADD!!

What does style have to do with poverty, for instance??
I don't know, but they do coexist in our world.
I'm ashamed to include this picture in this post. I am confirming the destitution of my African continent. I am AFRICAN and my continent remains a core of love and wealth, even as our "super power" countries continue to steal our resources.
But here, click: help.
Wow!! I've rambled on, haven't I?? It's all too political for a fashion post... And it's turned out a difficult post.

Gracious Kisses.

1. I was hurrying into Valentino (on a time crunch), when a man accosted me to tell me something (I wasn't paying attention, but I know it was about the planet.) I said what I thought was a firm "No, Thank you" accompanied with a half-smile and walked into the store. About twenty minutes later, walking out the store, the man approaches me again. After another refusal from me, he says, "So you don't care about our planet??" I reply, "No." I walk away purposefully.


mia said...

awww... you are not superficial, you are just fab and i can tell you are sweet. keep up the good work!

chic simplicity said...

oh thanks so much mia for your kind words. i am sweet :)!! thank you so much

Anonymous said...

I can understand why this would be difficult to write. You've touched on a number of huge problems. Very good insight.