cheery suckers

I woke up this morning and thought, "seersucker". I don't know if I'd been subconsciously awaiting the passing of Memorial Day Weekend — which unofficially marks the start of summer (here in the US); but, it simply popped up in my head. A pleasant, billowing thought I chose to indulge. I absolutely love the airy feel of the fabric, and the casual chic simplicity a pair of shorts, say, gives off. So darling!! And sweetest serendipity! if it's a pair of shorts on a man with deliciously sculpted calves?? — cheery heaven!!1
pic: Moschino Cheap & Chic Jacket

There is one teeny thing however — I desperately need seersucker (keeping the traditional stripy pattern) made in edgier cuts. HA!! I realize its seeming absurdity, or maybe NOT, but I think it'd be worth a try. *shy smile* I busied myself — for a full hour — searching for an out-of-the-ordinary piece. Laughable. I even looked up the history of the fabric (dork?!) so I could think up a few designers that may have worked with it; that is, excepting darling R. Lauren and the requisite pieces that turn up every time this year at Jcrew and Brooks Brothers — love, love, but... Turns out seersucker is all American!! Should have figured, but yay?! all the same. Since my search proved painfully pointless, I'm thinking I'll start with the classic pieces I already have and work something out with my tailor... Decidedly unusual (or ridiculously shorter, maybe) hemlines; outward facing zippers running through the length of a fitted skirt... I'm positively gagging for pairings with silks and chiffon2 on the top; yes, nipple action is so risque, but so very appropriate for the avant-garde look I'm channelling. And certainly, print pairings. It'll require a very delicate flair but I'm up for it. *Excited*

L: Jcrew gets it right although it's still very reserved; I'm waiting a few more weeks for more pieces to hit the stores;
L ctr: Lela Rose's decadent but the classic stripes are lost;
R ctr: Moschino Cheap & Chic, cute!! but not that price tag cute.
R: Back of Moschino C & C dress. I admire the Rosella Jardini's initiative, but I think the candy-colored buttons (on the dress and jackie above) are more indicative of extreme ADHD than anything else. :(

Cheery kisses.

1. Let the very delicate art of pursuing male hotties in shorts commence. *Naughty grin*
2. Not just cotton, the fabric of our lives...


thandie said...

I get teased for my love for seersucker pants every time this year. I can't imagine my life without them every couple of days during the spring and summer! :)