hi. *shy face, eyes peeking above sunglass rims*

You haven't even asked where I've been. You haven't looked. Wondered... I could've been kidnapped — willingly on my part *take me darling*
Would you have known??

I'm stalling and trying to deflect blame on my part... [insert plausible excuse for unexplained absence]

I've been busy.
I've been doing a fair amount of traveling, and working. It's delightful and blah blah, but it's also very tiring. This, accompanied with rather frequent episodes of manic love and desperation as well as a general slacking off has kept me away from you, you see. Life, eh??

I'm awful, I know. So while you sit there — with that smirk on your face — trying to think up a befitting punishment (or your adoring kisses, perhaps?? please??) ponder this:
...Never too late to apologize (for my absence). I've been around the world — okay just three steps into my kitchen; yesterday however, that mean sidewalk on Fifth. But, as I recall you like to show off too — I'm wearing your Rolex, right?? (*whisper* Typical douche ...rolex!!) [I] believe in Choos and couture, and?? Yeah, some think I'm in over my head, but I'll always keep it flying high in the sky. You, me, my Choos forever!! So check my body language, I need that drink!! Then, perhaps we can dance cheek to cheek, right after I'm done sleazy dancing in the mirror *wink*.
One Love.

Okay I need some 'gyrl power' songs!! I went from apologizing to talking to a boy??!! To one love for the world?? HA!! But I'm proud of my mediocre pop culture babble. I'm not completely out of touch after all. Yay!!

Fashion raves will continue (and you will forgive me).

Double hershey kisses!!


shop liquorice said...

hurry back :)


Anonymous said...


can't wait to see ur brand


mia said...

LOve you. prepare for your punishment. P.S. Apoloigze is my favorite song

Anonymous said...

I was actually coming on here to complain that there had not been a post in almost a month...and then I saw a new post! You got me this time! Glad to see that you are still alive (since you slowly return texts/calls) LOL!

love ya!

*kiki* said...

You're back. Love you. Eagerly awaiting your thoughts

Steve said...

Is it chic to have a bronze mouse?