My fave new It-bag: The Lanvin Nopalea Bag

Reviewing my loves again...
lucite bangles, huge totes, the extra baby-soft leather on Lanvin bags.

Now imagine my immense joy at discovering the new Lanvin Bag called the Nopalea bag!! (I've never really cared to know the explicit names of bags, etc, but I can't stop saying the name of this bag. *coquettish giggle*) This bag is the cliche - so cool, it's hot - only in this case, it's oh so true!! It's patent white leather sack has got just the right amount of slouch; that's very important to me - I know it's a trend at the moment, but I'm not a huge fan of slouch, it's slouching, read sloppy, for goodness sake!! And the handles, yes, they are made of clear lucite!! (cue: heavenly trumpets) Of course, there's a .2 millisecond moment of insanity that grips me as I think I would kill for this bag, but those lucite handles mimicking handcuffs snap me back to reality promptly!!!

Available at Barney's, $2980.00 (Lord help us!!)
Swoon ladies, swoon!!


Jenny said...

You know, I've never understood why all the shiny pretty things cost so much money. I mean, what is the point? Are they trying to prove that only the rich should have these things? Well, we already know that. $3000 for a purse...ridonkulous! And they are only gonna come up with something shinier next week!

chic simplicity said...

i know!! i can't understand it, and through no fault of mine, i am drawn to the priciest things.. i mean i am minding my business and just decide to pick out something i like and it'd just happen to be beyond expensive. maybe i need therapy for this!! haha

yummy411 said...

swoon i will.. that is the hotness... but i'm cooled.. the price up to high lol