Valentino launches roof deck at GPH.

We'll review some of my loves, just in case you didn't know...
NY!! NY!! sparkles, incandescent, yet, subdued, ethereal gossamers (and who does these as well as Valentino??!!)

Now, imagine my utter joy when I found out that Mr. Valentino would be christening the new private roof deck and club at the Gramercy Park Hotel (right after I'd spent my bday wkend there, natch) with a special dinner tomorrow, April 16th, after some actors' guild celebration or whatever (obviously this isn't the important part of this tidbit!!) JOY!! Of course, I'd be there... why wouldn't I?? I'm not sure if I'd get past Damion, the man to know to get into the Rose Bar (I am planning to change that, however, with a couple more stays and smiles at the GPH; he did think me cute when I met him!! Haha) But, if only I could get a glimpse of this wonderful man, perhaps touch the hem of his impeccably tailored signature charcoal suit ad be made sartorially whole!! - Please believe me, I'd make it past his security: I'm teeny petite and pretty slick and quick on my feet when I have my heels in hand!! Yes, I'd make it through...

And then, a fateful bit of R & R; reality, and maybe, responsibility - just maybe - set me straight!! So unfair!! That and the impending torrents that'd be pummeling the NE in a couple of days. Seriously, I don't understand this weather.
Anyway, I've taken it all in stride and by default, I can look at myself as a responsible young lady!! I couldn't really tell my friends that I was certainly going into the city on a Monday night, let alone book a room at the GPH spontaneously... oh well, now they'll know what was going on in my fashion-warped head!!

2 faves from Valentino Spring couture :)

Bizou. Bizou.

p.s. Speaking of gossamers, can you say Bridal Runways??!!! I'll be reviewing those soon, we all know - and if you didnt, now you know - how much I love love wedding dresses!! I've already said I'll be having pre-wedding parties, just so I can wear a couple of wedding dresses before I do the real thing!!