Tom Ford: A man after my own heart

Yesterday, I wished I was a man; just so I could have Tom Ford tailor my clothes!!

So amidst great stir the previous morning, Tom Ford, celebrated style expert - do I even need to sing his praises?? - opened his flagship boutique on Madison Ave, solely catering the man who distinguishes and appreciates great style and luxury. He hosted a private press review; and skimming the reports in some editorials, I feel a strong respect and kinship - if I may - toward this lovely man!! He does look yummy in this pic, doesn't he??

Here's a man talking about the clothes he would like to wear, just like we gyrls do!! Many of the industry's great fashion houses are headed by men, many of whom are able to gauge quite well what their kind of woman is likely (or would love) to wear, but there's nothing like the feeling I get from Tom Ford speaking about himself as a man and the kinds of clothes he wants to wear. His passion for designing clothes leaps at me through his words and I think: I'd really love to be a man, so he could make my clothes. Hmm... I wonder if this raises eyebrows (trans-gender identification & preference, homo-eroticism?? I'm listening to Mr. Stanton from FL talk about becoming a woman). Oh my, this can get really confusing.

Even more importantly, he reveals that he is his own muse and I feel even more closeness with Mr. Ford. Nothing touches me more than this view. This is because I - as well - am my own inspiration and that comes across in how I want dress anytime. And he speaks of the Chanel House - trying to create what the revered House has accomplished for women, in his own store. See, we definitely share a kinship in some other life... perhaps. Ahhh... joy. Or not. Darn!!

Okay, I'm still a gyrl and I looove being a gyrl!!

Cupcake Kisses.