fashionable transduction. iris van herpen

There's something in the North Sea waters, which presumably supply the Swedish, Dutch, Danish and Norwegians etc. How else do I explain the intoxication with intricate lines and symmetry of a significant number of designers from the region; which it turns out they're very capable of incorporating into beautiful articles of clothing. And very wearable too. Sandra Backlund (oh my!) and Viktor & Rolf pop to mind immediately.

With such abstract terms as Synesthesia (A/W '10) and Radiation Invasion (S/S '10) describing the themes of her recent collections, award-winning newcomer, Iris van Herpen has managed to create the most intricate futuristic pieces of clothing. It's quite a feat when you consider that terms such as minimalism and simplicity dominate any conversations that hover around the idea of futurism. I think Ms. van Herpen's pieces are so out of this world, they loop right back around and envelope your consciousness. In some ways, that's what she's trying to do, I suspect. Only she's not "trying". Her cuts and designs are intrinsic to her style, she explains. I just re-read her interviews with Dazed Digital and Marian Kihogo after her S/S and A/W showings, respectively, at LFW. I actually remember reading Ms. Kihogo's interview earlier and had to go digging in the dungeon that is my saved bookmarks. Sad. There's got to be an easier way...

Anyhow, just w.o.w!! Bravo for Ms. van Herpen! It's easy to look at her pieces and say, "a great jacket" "a lovely dress" "nice pants". For such complexity, no is-it-a-skirt-or-dress?? guess work is needed; the fundamental structure is there for all to see, and yet...
I just. love. it. Every bit of it.

Radiation Invasion. S/S 2010 

Synesthesia. A/W 2010

Oh and she's working on a line of shoes 'jewellery for the feet', she calls them.
Pretty kisses.