in print. prada.

Since we're on the topic of beautiful prints, and all and sundry is clamouring for the a ride on the mix-print bandwagon, I thought I'd share the prettiness that is a capsule in the Prada SS 2010 collection (UK Vogue). It's simultaneously delicate and elegant, and the dresses!! — for the name — are relatively well-priced. What's with all these a-tad-above-reach-but-not-completely prices?!!
I do so love the quilted bags (£710).
Okay, and the dresses (£425-£475). and ballerinas (£235).
Well that's it then.
I appreciate Anita Leclerc's recent print mixology guideline (NYTimes). But let's face it, it can hardly be much help when you faced with a wardrobe of prints, an eager attempt to be part of it all. I say mix and match to your heart's delight.
Inside the comfort of your house.
If you must leave the house, phone a friend, or two, and ask whether you look like a little old lady trying to avoid paying excess luggage at the airport — whatever excess luggage means nowadays.
If you are assured that you look fine, call me.
I'll tell you the truth. Just kidding. or not.
I really do love the accompanying print pictures. ALOT. Very pretty, really. There's even another slideshow of pictures sent in readers. On that, not much comment. Oh dear, I'm not terribly hard on people am I?? Truth is, I'm keen on Peter Lappin's and Margot Miller's photos. However, I must say I do think Chitrangada Maitra Somaiya's photo ought to be disqualified. Uhhh.. she's from Mumbai, India. Need I say more?!!!
Yes I'm still dreaming of my trip to India to pick out fabrics for my wedding, thank you for asking.

Pretty kisses.