couture lab: karry'o jewellery.

Distracted by the number of tabs and windows I manage to get going when I settle in for some good fashion foraging on the interwebs — which, simply, is always — it wasn't for another good hour that I returned to the CoutureLab window. After a few moments of "she'll-love-this!" "i-still-haven't-given-her-a-gift!" and planning my imaginary apt via the Home e-section, I was admiring Beavaldes's jeweled bag. It's sort of a habit, when I visit the Lab; musing about how pretty these beaded bags are while simultaneously estimating the company's inventory turnover since said bags must have been online for eons, okay at least two years, no?!
Alright, I know Ms. Busquets goal with Couture Lab, I was just making an observation.
Let's just get along with it.

What caught my eye as I made my way through the jewellery section, is this simple but elegant hammered (circular) links pair of earrings by Karry'O. First you look at the pair front-on, then with a little pivot, its full three-dimenstional beauty becomes visible. I'd never heard the name and when I found myself admiring an adjacent pair (bottom pic) that happened to be Karry'O's again, I had to do a bit of investigating.

The line is the work of Karine Berreby, who began creating jewelry when she was just 18 years old and trained at Paris's Cours Bercort. About two decades later, Berreby launched her own line of bold vintage inspired costume pieces, under the name Karry’ O and opened a boutique in Paris’s St Germain area, stocking her own designs as well as vintage finds sourced during her travels. The Karry'O site currently tantalizes its visitors with pieces made Roger Scémama who created haute couture jewellery for the leading fashion houses for most of the 20th century. Schiaparelli in the 30s, Fath and Dior in the 40s, Lanvin-Castillo, Balenciaga and Givenchy in the 50s, Cerruti and Yves Saint Laurent in the 60s. Umm... yes! The prettiest of pretty pieces. I've done a haphazard pick and choose since I oohed and aahed over everything! And I tried to keep away from the labelled "Couture Jewels".
I am going to dream of wandering about in her little boutique. I'm in love with the promise of twenties art-deco and more modern pop culture pieces, as well as what must be the European fashion jewellery pieces equivalent of neo-expressive art that dominated the seventies and eighties. Or simply, pretty shiny objects, thank you very much!

The Nigerian in me delights in the possibilities for this strass and glass stone necklace; while the pendant (bottom) is my fave piece (today). It reminds me of what decadent angel wings would look like.

Decadent pretty kisses.