sheer serendipity. rachel freire.

I wished I smoked. Gauloises?

Is there an easier way to upload pictures unto my memoirs or am I just terribly stupid and masochistic?!! (That's not the term I'm looking for; I'm not deriving any sort of pleasure from the annoyingly tedious and (ulna)bone-twisting process!)

I can't bear to be hot (temperature-wise) at bedtime. Has the ash made London warmer?? I'm almost holding my breath; waiting for a plop of rain drop on my nose each time I step out (into the deceptively cooler air).

~ Three am: After a regular bout of insomnia, I drift into the Land of Nod with a little smile formed at the corners of my mouth. I love the South African FIFA 2010 World Cup commercial, something about "you've never felt this kind of rhythm" and all the happy South African — I presume — faces. Later, I awake to the beautiful chocolate-y bronze god that is the model in Chimere Skin Care for Men commercial. These glimpses into the African continent and of delicious blackness momentarily fill the gap that only seem to develop at that precise moment and make me love Brit tv. just. a. little.

All of this is neither here nor there.
Forgive me. I did warn you.

Anyhow, if you do know me, you know of my decadent love of sheer fabrics and ummm... my uhh...*whispering* boobs. So this morning when my thoughts fluttered — incomprehensibly — unto the the frilly mesh peasant blouse bound by the Kara corset, both by Rachel Freire, I knew I had to indulge. A knowing sense of delight — I could've said sheer delight! groan...I'm keenly aware of fighting a losing battle as a maddeningly repetitive series of puns involving the word "sheer" stream into my consciousness. Arrghhh!! — spreads through my being as I re-immerse myself the frilly crevasses of her A/W 2010 pieces. The mesh blouse is making the rounds in my head and I dreaming up all forms of possible layering; I won't exactly leave my house with my boobs in plain view! (Some of my wicked friends may beg to differ. What.e.v.s.)

London-based designer, Rachel Freire, has a background in fine art and made her debut collection at LFW with On|Off in February 2009. For such a new comer, Rachel Freire's unrestricted application of materials in developing all manner of restrictive pieces from the specs neck collars, to the corsets and suspenders is enthralling and spirited. There's simply so much to enjoy and contemplate...

Oh... I am dying for the glow-in-the dark!! frill and armor jackets. I want. now. Please... Thank you.x
Immerse yourself.

BRB. Or not.
There's so much I feel I want to say about these pieces.
I need a drinki, however.
Air kisses.