ikat be. it is. (dries van noten)

Friends: Why haven't you written? (in some form or another).
Me: It got boring. I know ADHD seriously.

Even up until the previous evening I had to answer this unpleasant question. I felt terrible.

Barring the vintage capsule — oh alright! And the pleasant Lanvin bag and jewelry section, which I've smartly began to dodge ignore because seriously how many times can a self-respecting young lady like myself and her not-so-self-respecting tween bro stop by a counter and not make a single purchase; I'm terribly prudent these days!! — so yes, and the Lanvin handbag/jewelry counter, the Dries Van Noten section on Selfridges' third floor always gets a once thrice over from me. (I know, I know, I already raved about Noten's prints two posts below, but I can't help myself. I don't get to touch Van Noten prints whence I cometh!!! (Louis Boston is no longer two stops away. Ugghh!)

Last Friday(?!!) I stopped by the Noten counter again. (Yes, I mingled with the onslaught of TGIF crowds: It was a compromise, little man admired the guitars in the basement floor then we trooped upstairs where I admired the clothes as he alternated between crying for his self respect and making nice so we'd leave as quickly as possibly.) I am drawn to the ikat silk print (pics) clutch that lies seductively on one of the show tables. It's a heady mix of prints!

Pics: Style
I love these purses so much, but I struggle with these awfully niggling objections each time I go in for a feel. The purse is nice enough, the simplest of envelope clutches, and really nothing to it (to be honest) — I've become awfully critical about purses — except the print, but I can't help loving it. And just as I start to finger its smoothness, the evil thoughts (all concerning my estimated value of the piece) break into my consciousness...
"It's so not worth the price."
"You could buy a similar print bag in Lagos/India/Uzbekistan — never mind the streets of NY — for peanuts."
"It's just the name you're attracted to, you superficial bag lady."
"Noten's making a killing of print techniques that belong to a less recognized people" Is that p.c.?? etc etc..

But, I'm determined to force these thoughts out of my head:
"Fashion is amoral and omnidirectional."
"And it certainly doesn't belong to a particular place/time, at least not so much anymore"
"Capitalism is a bitch" etc...

Of course, I've seen and felt the similar tie-dye print bags (in Nigeria). The last time (years ago, tourist-y shops) I ventured in search of a few, they weren't silk, they didn't smell pleasant, and my mom had precipitated her fear that the dyes would run into my clothing unto me. So maybe I'm turning up my silly nose, but I want my 'bright' print fabric bag — if I do get one — to, at least, smell! nice! Even if the colors fade.

I haven't bought the clutch. Yet. Sale maybe?
My penny-pinching ways and my ego/super-ego are bitter bitches trying to ruin my life.

I've also fallen in love with these and tried them (top *shiny-shiny* and necklace) on natch... (How do people work up the nerve to take pics of themselves in shops?! Never mind I'm against picture-taking; as a rule.)
Necklace, also at Antonioli.

Lip-smacking sugar kisses on each cheek.