"a present? for me?" *wide-eyed* (...in my dreams)

Picture it: No seriously, you do it.
(I can't because I don't want to think that I could buy them, you know what they say... If you [or I] think you [or I] can, you can [and I will start scheming a way]. I don't even want to tempt myself, I already live beyond my umm.. nonexistent means. That, and I'd probably die from starving myself by the time I saved up enough to buy these beauties. [Valentino + Philip Treacy (but, of course!!) Colette, Paris.]


Jenny said...

She's alive!!!!! Oh and yes, cute shoe, lol

isabella said...

look nice I love it

Cafe Fashionista said...

If starving is required to be able to call these beauties my own, then starving it is!! :)