classic. now. and always. (future classics)

The most beautiful things are wrapped in heavenly soft tissue paper,1 and tied in grosgrain ribbons2 Hmm, okay... Maybe I'll allow for the ubiquitous strips of silk swathing. Then of course, they're mailed via ugly brown UPS boxes. Fashion e-commerce. Notwithstanding, anticipating that when I turn the key in the lock I'll have two or three boxes of smartly-wrapped packages — silk scarves, Nina Ricci, Gilt; a sold out black cardi, NAP) is a soothing, and yet thrilling proposition,3 enough to take the temper the reality of being back home (when I return to Boston).

So selfishly — and really, quite unselfishly too because prettiness makes the world go round — I'm thinking, perhaps, a piece or two from Future Classics would add to the thrill of walking through the door. To say the brand is aptly named is to acknowledge the beauty of cheek blush or that tall men must have (on average) longer appendages arms and legs! Designer, Julie Wilkins, has continually presented an innovative take on the everyday shirt, dress etc that her pieces seem to have survived through the 50s decade, but are very now and yet will transcend our time. It's all lovely minimalism and ruffles at once. Almost inconceivable when one considers the vogue of outer-space minimalism and structure that reverberates through our present fashion milieu; a metallic peau de soie (potato) sack with misplaced seams is soon heralded with maniac fervor! FC pieces are particularly refreshing; different, and yet familiar, the same.

Ample ruffles, and tucks — pretty! pretty!! The asymmetry in the cuts presents a futuristic air and the interjected feminine flowery prints lends a refined boldness. These digitally produced prints are achingly beautiful up close; our grandmas could have lived in them and yet they're so very now. The apparent juxtapositions — old/new/future; feminine prints/asymmetric cuts, they present a wonderful puzzle. But because we really think with our hearts — when it coms to fashion — FC pieces are just pretty things that will stand the test of time. A simple button-down white shirt has grown wings.

Drawing of white short-sleeve pod shirt above (front and back)

I'm dying for this "kimono check" print goddess blouse (at ForwardFoward). Its predecessor in black silk (A/W 2009) came with actual sleeves on the upper arm and I don't go anywhere for more than three days without it. Staple.

When did polka dots become terribly sexy??

Reckless haute. (AT ForwardForward and FC online shop)


1. More than one wrapping tissue paper is a waste!! And gives me a headache.
2. Grosgrain ribbons would be so much more pleasant because they'd easily double as head band ties; so much sturdier than silk, and much, more character in this case. I plan to use grosgrain ribbons myself...
3. I advise everyone to take this up. Coming home will become a lovelier prospect. Gosh I'm so full of ideas, aren't I?!!

(Forgive me if I've errors, no time to edit now. Yikes!)