revolve. recycle. save.

I stopped wearing jeans about five years ago. Actually let's make that all trouser or pant pieces — I've tried to make the preceding phrase sound less dirty/odd. Imagine if I'd said, "...stopped wearing all trousers or pants..." uhh what?!1
Anyhow, after a series of spring-cleaning battles last month, I unearthed heaps of jeans that simply hadn't seen the light of day in years. They are now neatly folded. In a box. In the spare closet in the living room. I think I can remember which just by looking at it.
I didn't say they'd get an airing only after another five years have passed. *groan*
When I get back home, I'll set about errm... giving them a new, caring home?? I hope.

But if you're in CA, you should do this:
[I wonder if they accept mail-ins-cum-online orders. (Online everything is how it really should work. It's 2010 for crying out loud. Err... Monsieur Chanel, s'habituer avec, peut-être?!!! Should I have said that in German?)]

As part of its recognition of Earth day, Revolve Clothing is hosting a Recycle your Denim event between Apr 20 and 30th. In which one brings in a pair of one's (old) jeans and gets 20% of one's entire store purchase. Sweet deal.
But I'm struck... by the fact that there's an actual RC (and perhaps, more importantly, über cool ForwardForward) boutique!!
How did I not know this? HAHA.
Seriously I just thought... well I didn't think... I ordered what I wanted and it arrived. C'est fini.

Ahh I learn new things everyday.

1. And yes indeed, I'm still surviving the harem/djibouti pants craze, although I've bought one or two pieces. Ha!! They remain unworn.
And... I still crave this by Marc Jacobs, Resort 2009 (left), and have tried this Matthew Williamson, Resort 2010, pair (right). Twice. (Love them even though they're too big and make me look like a fledgling hippie.)