skin alive

I don't think I can adequately describe how I feel about the skin print series in Alexander McQueen's SS 2010 collection. I've been staring at this decadently bunched top/jacket and all I can say is pure awesome.ness. I know. I absolutely detest the gross overuse of the word (awesome) *accompanied by the bobbing head that tends to follow it* but, in this case...
If snake print ever looked so enchanting!: the luxurious richness of the varied colors, precisely gathered to bifurcate seemingly seamlessly from the nipped-in waist creating a most appealing 3D billowing effect — it's a tribute to a glamourous opulence. And while, the accompanying leggings and the mini-dress (pictured right) are available to purchase, this jacket isn't. Good thing too. It's probably made-to-order and we know what that means.

I have, however, indulged myself. I couldn't not!! This delightful snake de manta clutch is $495 and you know what that means in the world of decadently made handbags and clutches!! Practically. unheard. of.

Lip-smacking kisses on each cheek.

PS. I can't think or hear (the beginnings of) the name Alex/Alec/Alexander... without thinking of McQueen and feeling a rather sharp and hurtful pang in my chest. Still.