global gathering: from how to spend it. (ft style mag)

These have got to be the one of the most beautiful styled works I've seen in a bit. Okay, quite a lot of people do sweet things with editorials; so it has to be the vibrant colors and patterns that made me gasp with pleasure upon seeing the images, there's no way to describe it. I want to be the woman who owns half these clothes.
Mission impossible sta(r)ted.
(The sweater Alex Wek wears in pic 5, (maroon, white print is by Duro Oluwo and available on Couture Lab, not too crazy expensive considering.) Maybe I'll try to do a replication of each in more affordable prices. I hate when people do this, it is never the same thing. Never.)

I do wish, however, that editorials that pay homage to the dynamic prints, patterns and colors that can by these very characteristics classified as inherently 'african' would use more african designers, and just as especially, use a variety of sets or settings. Barns or the open wild are just so passé, in my view. Does the woman who wears a pair of the issey miyake geometric socks (pic 1) look like she forklifts bales of hay?? I. don't. think. so. Okay maybe after she's done with her farm chores and is settling down into a high back Victoria Hagan chair to a cup of coffee.

Photographs: Andrew Yee
Stylist: Damian Foxe

Be back to append the names of the designers to the pieces. I've turned into one of those girls who goes to the hair salon every. week. (in my old age). I should do a hair chronicles... blah blah