the short on shorts

I love shorts.

However, I do sincerely feel like I can't justify paying over a certain price (twenty bucks) for a pair of shorts. My reasoning's something like this: except a pair of shorts, I mean the short shorts variety, is in itself a fashion statement — which let's face it, is usually less than 15% of the time — it just shouldn't be that expensive. Now, since it is not a fashion statement, it is merely a piece of fabric to protect my derrière and uphold my arbitrary claim to decency — or I'd sooner find myself trying to convince an officer of the law of my sanity, especially if I'm more than three feet from any semblance of a beach.

So you see, twenty bucks it is.

But, the exceptions, delightful little things they turn out, can be the most eye-catching and euphoria-inducing pieces when I happen upon them. Here's my current fave by Rick Owens, dark angel of über-chic, casual goth. I actually have a pic — you know by now I h.a.t.e. pics. But my doll of a cousin, an extraordinarily accomplished stylist cum lawyer (in London), made me take piccies not so far back. She deserves a post of her own, really. Anyhow, my panel shorts has been garnering me looks in this here city. I don't know what kind of looks because I'm afraid to look strangers in the face. Nonetheless, while the shorts required a little rework for said decency's sake, I love. love. them; they make me feel like I'm walking on air. A simple pair of shorts. Not only that, there's a pair in white (Luisa Via Roma).  That'll be harder to pull off. Haha. God save the queen me.

Meanwhile, I'll start scouring for the yummiest shorts of the season.

Best for today's remembrance holiday.

PS. Dear Luisa, could you make the customs process a tad easier.
Thanks, your lover.


Anonymous said...

Only you missy! It's quite an inspiration but is that your bum I can almost see... Very chic.

Sining off yummybum kisses.

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Anonymous said...

hot as fuck!