black. and white.

This is a sham of a post. By that I mean, I'm hardly writing more than four sentences. Okay maybe more. While I really do want to rave about these Sharon Wauchob dress available in black and white (both of which I must. have. if it's the last thing I do), I've a meeting in half an hour. Can we just talk about the turnover cum falling neckline at the back? Can we say modern day romantic decadence? Thank you Reborn for being my sanctuary. You may not realize how often I'm daydreaming about the pieces you carry. Then again, you may. Especially if your tech person's been monitoring your site activity and a certain someone always heads straight to these Wachoub pieces. I bet he/she keeps thinking, "just make a choice, darn it!!"

I'm sorry I just can't choose one or the other. But I know I have to pace myself:
1. It's sale season and those pieces need to be marked down like yesterday.
2. I can not afford to buy two pieces at that #$%! price.
3. It's sale season.
4. Did I mention? Sale season. Thank you.

I do realize Canada is a different country, but honey we should be on the same calendar. Awaiting the mark downs with the patience of a wounded female baboon in heat. Lovely imagery, if you know anything about female baboons. Haha. I'm sorry.

Okay, let's indulge in these other pieces from Des Kohan, shall we?? The lace is just exquisite. And white's perfect for the summertime. I couldn't help wondering if they had the dress (top picture) in black as well; I know that as a white dress, it highlights the lace detailing much better than a black dress would, but wonders never end... And take a minute to revel in the contrasting skin tone, brown skin pulls off any- and everything!! The piccies on Dessie Kohan are much better and there's so much more to relish. Oooh and at Anastasia's as well.
I. need. to. seek. help. (I know this.)

Lotsa strawberry-flavored kisses.