ben gorham. byredo.

I went on to Colette to indulge my lace mania via Valentino (you know, just in case the French market was getting whatever was left over from this season's past exploration in fairy-like lace decadence) and Ben Gorham was giving me the 'look'!! I. love. this man! He does have a daughter, Ines, so perhaps he's married and I shouldn't say anything naughty. I will, however, say that if he had been wearing a dress shirt (in this Colette pic) *large air gulps* I would have had to take a time out; take my somewhat regular lunch of a salmon croissant rather early.

But he isn't. So my blood sugar level's normal and I'm coherent. Only just. I remember I first came across Ben Gorham's Byredo bath products and scents at Barneys when I was picking up another scent (the Lys Méditerranée, by Edouard Fléchier for Editions de Parfums ). Trying to block the sales assistant's drivel (no offense, pet!) I fell for the word 'exclusive', naturally. I live and die for exclusivity if I can lay my hands on it; whether factory-made or DIY by yours truly. I think you can sell me just about anything with that word because I feel it's a guarantee that half the world will not be sporting the exact same whatever-it-is. So why am I writing about this? or anything at all?? I've no idea. I love this man, I said that. And I happen to love his products just as much, so why not share?

Anyhow, there's a lovely write up by Vanity Fair's SunHee Grinnell. Byredo — by redolent abbreviated, and thus aptly named — is made up of scents somewhat reminiscent of an older world, (but) in plain, unaffected bottles. I tried some and I had to get the Bal d'Afrique and Blanche! Absolutely delicious, but different enough from each other, the Bal d'Afrique being warmer. I almost bought the Fantastic Man as well. It's beyond. It must be the bergamot top notes which get to me. I need a (male) lover close by so we can wear it together and note how similar we may or may not smell. Oh lord! Hahah! I've noticed that I've this thing for ambiguous scents. Actually the appropriate word may be "unisex". And Byredo fits this yearning just perfectly; in fact, his scents may even be slightly more fem, with masc hints. E.x.actly! Perfect for me.[Kilian (my scent's Typical Me) available at 'exclusively' (haha) at Saks, and the aforementioned Editions de Parfums (at Barneys) are among my faves.] By the way, Ben Gorham is 6'5!! (he was a pro-basketball player). And those tattoos... those eyes... I'm honestly having trouble deciding whether to rave about Mr. Gorham or Byredo. Read the VF article.

Ooooh, there's a collection of the five most popular scents in miniature bottles named I married Adventure. While you'd be quick to think 'great starter set', I'd say... umm... This is perfume, you can't just shop online, you've got to go into the store and try 'em out on your skin. But of course, it's a different matter if it's a gift, whether you're the one giving, or being given.

Pink-pepper infused kisses.
PS. I lied. I'm clearly incoherent.