lace. romance was born.

There's just so much going on, isn't there? Feverish excitement. What with Resort showings and London's Graduate Fashion Week collections  (Hilary Alexander's reviews are keeping me grounded), I'm positively manic.  Just looking at the (resort) pieces is like a welcome breath of crisp fresh air in what's already becoming a stifling summer up here.

There's more craziness from the fact that: One, I'm standing on my tippy-toes trying to get a peek into the mobile tech sparring between the iphone and the evo, both of which I'm now pretending not to eye because I absolutely detest touchscreens. Secondly, can we say world cup?! Yes, I still love zippity-zilch about football and would never care to watch it, but a few folks are giving me the prep play-by-play and I'm caught up in the frenzy. And let's not talk about the actual drudgery with which I should be concerned. Busy busy. I love.

Given my need to stay cool, I'm reveling in sheer fabrics of which I can never get enough. I got thinking of lace pieces, the ultimate sheer luxury for me. I don't know if it's the Nigerian in me — Lord knows I can't name all the forms of lace that Nigerian women are wont to acquire from all corners of the world — or my overwhelming love for sheer exposure; but I love lace. I'm still swooning over Stella McCartney's lace jumpsuit from last year's MET Gala! Which brings me to the brand Romance Was Born, which I discovered browsing through online store MyCatwalk last year (I think). In my lacy revelry, I was trying to recall pieces that I loved and thankfully I was reminded of this picturesque ensemble from last spring (pictured right). The playfulness of the brand is engaging and for me, it offers wonderfully designed pieces in a — seemingly hitherto — unexplored manner. I can pick out a shirt that gives me a humorously sexy side and that just makes my day. And the name, you can't wear a piece under the label Romance Was Born and not feel delicious. You simply can't. 

But, it's not just about lace with RWB. Isn't this tongue-in-cheek 'condolence' dress from the current A/W collection divine? It's sold out on My Catwalk, where it actually went on sale, but it' still available at the Grand Social and Maximillia (only it's not on sale yet. (but. of. course).  Hmm... odd pricing too. Must make a mental note.

Let's talk a pleasurable big business, shall we?