a lesson in flawless fluidity: roksanda ilincic

As I reminisce over the recently paraded collections of this season — just making their way into shops — I'm fundamentally drawn to Roksanda Ilincic's series. In typical fashion, she continues her love affair with satin woven fabrics and manages to create chic easy pieces that are finished beautifully. I find with satin it could all go wrong very easily; a simple cut or seam requires a more delicate exactness, an expertise in wielding this particular fabric or one ends up with an unsightly rippling effect that's just painful to behold. It's why Ms. Ilincic's satiny pieces with little or no frills and exposed darts (the long skirts and pants, for instance) are really something of a wonder. I avoid satin/charmeuse as a rule, but I'm sure my long caresses of the Halston-esque spring collection skirt drew sharp stares from the hawkish — through and through —sales assistants.  Aww, no offense loveys, but sometimes I'd rather you didn't creep up on me every two seconds.
Speaking of, the long elegance and strong shoulders of the skirt and pant suits (for summer) alongside the safari jacket — did you ever see a more pleasing satin safari jacket?!! — offer the most pleasing tribute to YSL, which may have precipitated my hard fall, head over heels, for the collection.

S/S 2010

No, seriously. You've seen better satin safari jackets than these?? Where?? I'd like to know.

A/W 2010 
Yes, please that blush pink cape will do just beautifully. I wish.



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