the new black is 60 percent off (Richard Jaffe) :: Colette's new website advertises sale boldly

"It's still very clear from the results the most important thing is price," Richard Jaffe, retail analyst at Stifel Nicolaus, said. "The new fashion is frugal. The new black is 60 percent off."

From the sexiest LBD you could ever imagine to your cabochon-encrusted clasp clutch (tongue twister, eh??); the hottest pieces in stores are on sale for at least half-off. (I think it'd be a tad inappropriate to say, "Yay recession!!") Even Colette's brand new webbie is celebrating its relaunch with a site-wide sale?!! The Balmain jackets ― to die for, and this asymmetrical satin and voile de tulle skirt by Comme des Garçon, which I'm inexplicably drawn to - 50% off!! (I'm not crazy about the gathered waist; a more structured sash and shorter hemlines, and it'd be perfect. Perhaps, I could update it. *wink*)


Eva said...

What is it about this recession which makes me want to spend??!! I am being practical though, only buying things in the sale or that are practical, I ordered a perfect fit tee from KStreet today and went sale shopping during my lunch break... oops! Thanks for the sale info, will have to check it out after work...