engaging time: haute (joaillerie) horlogerie

In my dreams: Chanel tweeds, smoked salmon blinis and secret pleasurable rendezvous everyday ― my joie de vivre. But, this is neither here nor there.

Aptly, I'm taken with the passing of time; seemingly infinite and yet, a constant measurement of the beautifully intricate details in the lives we lead, so to speak. Perhaps, not as timely ― in, dare I say it, these economic times ― these jeweled pieces, now the objects of my desires set the mood for my year's fantastical journey and kiss-off of the on-going r.e.ce.ss.ion. Shouldn't my fashion indulgences be a reprieve from our depressed states?? I totally think so. (I hear too much about 'it', 'it' saddens me, but we can and should dream in the most resplendent of colors... So, not just watches, but haute time pieces.)

I've hardly worn a watch in the past two?? years (I know, it's so unladylike, maybe I'll start wearing one again). Natch, these aren't just any timepieces. Two autumns ago (2007), when Jaeger LeCoultre launched its 'Extraordinary Watches' collection at the Venice Film Festival, I was simply awestruck. In a most delightful reverie, I think I'd rather therose watch than an engagement ring. HA!! Let's saunter down a most enchanted path...

Some of my fave pieces:
Top. L: Jaeger LeCoultre la tulipe watch. R: Audemars Piguet Carnet de Bal haute joaillerie cuff watch (There's a matching choker necklace!!)
Bottom. L: Chanel coco watch, Cometes Collection. R: Van Cleef & Arpels Farandole watch.

There's also a Boucheron time piece I really fancy, but I can't find a piccie of it. I dream of a time I can't afford.

Happy New Year.

Best wishes and deep mouth-searching kisses.


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luxury, love it !!