chic challenge: fair-trade, eco-friendly full skirt a la oscar de la renta

So, I've come up with a challenge for myself; I want to find a gorgeous 'printed' full skirt (knee-length) like Oscar de la Renta makes, but it must be produced with fair-trade organic fabrics. I know, it's daunting! But I'll see what comes of it.

As no one can tuck and gather like my darling adopted God-father1, Mr de la Renta; I know I'm setting myself up for disappointment already. But notice, I didn't say I just want this skirt instead of one of Mr de la Renta's... (I'll leave it at that.) His fall pieces are seventy! off; the particular print I wanted ― the purple hibiscus dip-dyed skirt ― was, ummm... pretty expensive. 'How do I say, originally over three thou?!' And it's not that de la Renta's pieces couldn't possibly be eco-friendly, I just want to find one made explicitly so on my own.Fall '08. I want the third skirt from the left.

This spring, de la Renta's skirts, some made of (silk) faille, have this extra side-flounce that's just so alluring. Ahhh...

Spring '09

Wish me luck.

1. Mr de la Renta may not publicly acknowledge my existence, but no matter. He will someday. And you need not point a finger at me, you calling yourself part of our new prez's family! Umm.. no Barack Obama is not your uncle either. Haha.


Theresa and Sarah said...

I don't know how you did in finding the right skirt, but I know of a great boutique that I give lots of shout-outs to on my blog that only carries eco friendly designer clothing: www.embodies.com. Enjoy!