great escapes (resort 09)

A bit gloomy.
Back in the cold of New England. While it could be construed as partly my fault,1 my suffering from rather irritable cold symptoms, that is; I'm awfully grumpy and wishing for terribly hot weather (the kind that permits only the merest of fabric patches to cover the bare necessities!!).

To lift my mood ― somewhat, I settled under my blanket to review this season's resort wear. Granted, I don't vacation mid-January/February like the rest of you, my fab beau monde (ahem!!), the timing is just right (for me). I know for a fact, disconcerting as it may be, that I can NOT spend a brass farthing on any 'new' pieces this month because... Well, I'll just mention that on my stop-over in London (from holiday in Nigeria), I thought it wise to nip into Harrods. (I really needed a pair of shoes; and it was supposed to be my primary purchase... *end of explanation*)
I'm spewing venom at the venerable Harrods.
*whisper: I still treasure it, however.*

Like I was saying, I won't be buying anything new, so I can just refresh my mental cache of pretty resort pieces and wait for the sales so I can get a measly one or two pieces!! (In my head, I'm thinking, "Shouldn't some of these darned pieces be on sale already?? They've been in the shoppes since fecking December, really.) The pieces that catch my eye are made of feathery light fabrics and pale in color ― best not to assault my cones with bright bursts of colors at four in the morning, eh??2 Even more desirable, many of the pieces afford a seamless transition between settings. So, in my sunny castle in the air, I'd be walking through a busy little district at 5.47pm; and at 7.00pm I'd be polishing off tasty canapés in an open air3 gallery; a change of shoes, perhaps, being the only spot of difference.

L two: Elie Tahari. R two: Phillip Lim. The Phillip Lim sequin/beaded dress is in stores but as separates: a tank and skirt. Fine by me

L-R: Marc Jacobs (I AM getting this pair of pants, if I get anything), Roberto Cavalli, Giambattista Valli, Zac Posen

L-R: Temperley London, Stella McCartney, Missioni, Tory Burch

L-R: Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Zac Posen, Roberto Cavalli

Two feet away, air kisses. (I told you; I'm sick.)

1. Let's move past finger-pointing. So what if I love to sleep with little to nothing on, and especially in the cold.
2. Insomnia
3. I'm so eco-conscious now, you'd be so proud!!