the romantic edge (givenchy sandals!)

Single-handedly Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy) has ensured that the gladiator sandal or its continuously more refined and evolved clones will remain the impossibly chic accessory for the possibly next two seasons!! (...a lifetime in the fashion world!)

Just imagine the delightfully treacherous cycle: pieces appear six months before on runways, editorial buzz, fast fashion replicas months avant la saison (none of which truly eco-conscious glamour gyrls will touch with a twelve foot pole; we know it's not cheap, despite what the price-tag says!), designers feed off buzz and incorporate similar motifs into next season's pieces... Nope! The original pieces haven't hit the stores yet! But that's the way it goes, you see.

'Tis a tremendous feat when we think back to the style icon of my lifetime, the exceptionally chic Carine Roitfeld, sporting Givenchy gladiator sandals last fall/winter! Tisci's pieces, both clothes and accessories, are marked by an unsurpassed sophistication that is the result of his own keen aesthetic, a futuristically cool reinterpretation of a Romantic history.

I will be keeping a close eye on these pieces online and in store and when they do go on sale (believe me, they will, do I even have to say, "look at the economy?!" haha. I know it's not funny, I'm sorry) I will snag possibly three? pairs!! Yikes!! I mean I absolutely need one of the gladiator-applique pairs (top), definitely one of these lace pairs (below) and a pair of this to the right!! *wistful sigh*

The pieces have started arriving in stores, Barneys, Shopbop, Zappos, Net-a-Porter. European designers are cheaper in Europe for Americans without VAT (ha!) so Luisa Via Roma it is for me. Bellissimo!!

Delicious kisses.


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Beautiful shoes.