sprouse it up

What I love ― having learned ― about the artist, Stephen Sprouse (1953-2004), is the unreservedly glamorous aptitude that pervaded his 'rock and roll' fashion sensibilities; an intense mix of his ardent love of art and punk-rock. Heralded as the American Punk Glamour God, esp. of the eighties ― and I would say the only one since then ― Sprouse made beautifully tailored "punk" clothes; becoming famous for his natural flair at integrating uptown sophistication with a chic downtown edge. It wasn't just punk garb, it was punk garb made from luxe cashmere from Italy, and constructed delectably. It's a cheeky balance he honed especially whilst under Halston's tutelage.

The on-going retrospective of Sprouse's work at NY's Deitch gallery includes pieces he commissioned for Vuitton, graffiti-tagged bags and RTW pieces with emblazoned large, brightly colored rose prints (2001). Inspired by this original partnership, Marc Jacobs reworks these dominant motifs into a darling of a limited edition Sprouse collection for Vuitton. They're screen-printed on the monogram canvas in reminiscent Day-Glo colors, and I think I might finally be on my way to owning my very! first! piece! of Vuitton monogram canvas accessory.

If you know anything about me ― anything at all― you know my utter aversion to the monogram, damier and really all 'logo'-fied canvassed bits and pieces!! (It's not the styles, of course, but the widely-accepted notion of LV monogram bags, wallets etc as some sad status symbol amongst overlapping circles of my beloved wannabe-fashionable sets. Yes, I said it. (I think to myself, "Is it really a status symbol if you get the cheapest logo-fied bag of the bunch?? (usually a Speedy 30 or whatever))
Sad that I might be joining the disillusioned pack, even if the bright Day-Glo colors of the Sprouse collection offer a pretty distraction. But, that's just how much I love the collection!! ...And the legend, as which Sprouse should be celebrated, even though he never quite reached that pinnacle during his lifetime.

Lip smacking kisses on each cheek!!
P.S. An incredible article in the NYMag at the time of Sprouse's death.


Your Sunshine said...

wow, that bag is amazing. the lime green writing totally rocks my socks off. I agree the logo is a little much but I must admit, I love its charm.