flower power (valentino totes!! *heart*)

You don't have to dig deep to find that I'm a gyrly gyrl whose heart blossoms into a million little petaled whorls. So why not wear my heart on my sleeves??
This is my bag of the year, hands down. I'll be rocking it like the glamour puss that I am once I can afford it! HA!

I also love these pieces, very terribly. The ends of black bow bag fold inwards to form an irregular hexagon just like the 'Printemps' (French for spring) bag (to the left).
All Valentino
Available at your nearest Valentino boutique; would you still love me if I told you how often I went in the past month just to touch them?! Be back to tell you where I found them online. Dashing to an appt!

**Okay, you'll find these pieces at:
Topmost (my fave!!!): Marissa Collections
The rest; Top Left: Tender Birmingham(Big *heart*)
Top Right: Saks (Also love!)
Bottom: Neimans

Sweet kisses on the lips.


Shannon said...

Great bags! I love th black bow bag for spring!

Anonymous said...

That black bag is just so...wow. Do let us know where you find it online. I may have to snag it for my own blog.