seemly avant-garde: YSL spring 2009 collection (the new power suit)

mood: sombre.

YSL 2009 refashions! the new power suit (a sharply tailored gray jumpsuit).*ow!* I want to kiss Stefano Pilati. Worthy of mention, eons ago, (2007), Mr. Pilati showed the now-seemingly ubiquitous harem/dhoti/*flo'-rider* pants1 (oooh go Flo Rider!! Actually, it might be 'Rida'!! But, whatevs. I'm unbecomingly proud of my pop culture knowledge.). Like I was saying, that's just how innovative Mr. Pilati is.

So much I could write about these pieces...

Refined, but restrained; restrained, but avant-garde; avant-garde, but familiar; familiar, but new; new but (pleasurably) refined.

Beautiful kisses.

1. You've seen those pants; and unfortunately you'll be seeing more of them on everybody!! Arrgh, it just doesn't look good on everybody. *sigh*


Alexandra Macfarlane said...

Thanks! I love these new jumpsuits and have been searching for fantastic pictures. Keep it up.