sheer body (bebaroque)

(My second younger sis and) I had to do a bit of cleaning this past weekend. (Daddy came into town. *happy grin*) In need of gobs of motivation, I switched to MTV Hits on TV, alternating between two or three other music channels. The music blaring, an approving glance ― at regular intervals ― at the crazed woman ― staring back at me ― shaking her seemingly detectable tush in and out of brilliant contortions, I was making progress: a clean square of space for every five minutes of rump-shaking.

Of course, practically everything I was seeing on TV ― and hearing ― was new to me. I hardly ever listen to (new) music, so my pop-culture knowledge is appalling and dwindling continuously.

Anyway, to one of the (long-winded) points I'm trying to make: Britney's Circus video came up. I can't tell you anything about the album's premise, and very little about the song itself, except, that I did admire Britney's reemergent strength and the video concept... performers in a circus/carnival (duh!!).

Second point: Britney's nude bodysuit encrusted with crystals at (ahem!) strategic points ― pretty hot. However, my barely-underlying patronizing fashion-self can't help but think that while bodysuits/catsuits are de rigeur for many circus acts, Brit's fashion esthetic played a slightly lesser-to-nonexistent role than her need to wear next to nothing on TV. (But who am I to judge?? My need for barely-derriere-grazing dresses ― or tops disguised as dresses ―knows no bounds!!) Umm, quick question, who died and made bodysuits the uniform for gyrlies' music videos?!!

Drum roll please: Well, Brit's body suit reminded me of Bebaroque's new delightfully sheer and embroidered bodysuits, a hot addition to their truly sublime line of tights.'Tis bad enough that Mses. McNicol and Patience's collection of tights was responsible for something of a mini myocardial infarction when I first glimpsed them early last year! Now, these body suits... I didn't even know they were expanding their line, a darling friend let me in on the pleasurable tidbit of information. Since their inception in 2007, the ladies behind Bebaroque ― a fitting name, when one considers the extravagant details, especially the reconstructed paisley patterns often hand printed on the tights ― have worked with other amusingly brazen lingerie designers ― Barrie, Lascivious, Norreys etc to produce unique pieces. Along with the distinctive kooky tattoos and paisley motifs that adorn their tights, the gyrlies maintain production in Bonnie, Scotland. Yay Scotland!! (I don't know why, but I'm obvs tickled by this whole Scottish thing.) But seriously, the Scots do have this amazing skill. I can't quite put my finger on it... Graeme, Jonathan Saunders, Christopher Kane...

According to DD, this time, Bebaroque's collection of bodysuits and tights dubbed ''Russian Dolls" was inspired by the country's elaborate architectural domes and folklore. I'm not quite certain about a pair of so-called (red, pictured) "babushka" tights. I could've sworn the word 'babushka' meant grandma in Polish/Russian. (Even though I know this, it's the first word that pops in my head when my little bro and I start making up curse words (although said little bro is getting well-versed in real curse words!! Sheesh!!).) The tights are very pretty with the merest hint of scandal! I just wouldn't associate them with a grandma.

Btw, the pieces are so new, they're not even available on their webbie, or anywhere else, except Dazed Digital (oh you dolls are the best!! Can I be your BFF?!!) Im in love with these bodysuits!! However, personally, I'm not crazy about showing my belly button or midriff so I think I imagine another sheer layer on the front half, a more interesting light (one layer sheer in the back) - dark contrast, with a pronounced trompe l'oeil effect for me. *smile* I cant help it, I just love showing off my back better.

The merest puckering of my lips against your cheeks.


Lorain said...

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Jewelry Addict said...

Those body suits are pretty in terms of fashion arts and creativity. But how practical are they... I mean we don't really have much use for them, do we? I however love the shoes and the leggings better.